What The Hell Does Spiritual Mean Anymore?

It’s been a while since I’ve bantered about spooky stuff with an attuned, authentic medium. A recent discussion led to the contentious topic of convicted Australian Catholic priest George Pell. And the alarming number of emerging stories about high-level pedophilia within religious, political, judicial and celebrity realms.

Doesn’t get much darker than that. Power not only has the potential to corrupt. It disturbs. Deeply.




“What’s the point of priests and nuns being forced to abstain from sex?” I ask. The medium eloquently explains that some religions teach that celibacy ultimately leads to a state of divine enlightenment (or words to that effect).



Are the Wheels Falling Off the Catholic Empire?

The medium also suggests that the wheels are falling off the Catholic religion because of its failure to embody vital, age-old spiritual practices that enable celibate, mortal humans to energetically quell their natural primal urges.

Instead, priests and nuns are forced to repress sexual urges. This invariably cultivates a highly frustrated inner world that increases the risk of manifesting uncontrollable impulses and sadistic behaviours. Depending on the individual, of course. Some people happily live without sex and intimacy.

All the more reason to keep celibate religious folk well away from children, or at least supervised by a parent or guardian.

“So the Catholic religion isn’t spiritual,” I ponder, out loud. “If anything, the Vatican hierarchy reeks of negligence.”




The medium responds with a wry smile. Then he shares a personal experience of achieving an ‘energetic’ orgasm all by himself during a forty day ‘fast’ which encompassed powerful yogic and tantric traditions. While it takes time, patience and stringent self-care to achieve such heightened states of transcendental, ‘blissful’ existence, he described it as the most amazing sex he’d ever had.

Holy Rule Books

We agree that religions are man-made institutions built upon their respective ‘holy rule books,’ many of which cultivate a culture of fear, dependency and historical misinformation.  Nothing divine or spiritual about that. 

Just as well people are waking up. Turning away from rigid, manufactured religions. Turning inward to where all our answers lie. Reclaiming their inner world and holistic pathways to self-empowerment, self-healing, balance and harmony on all levels-spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.


Old School Negligence On a New Richter Scale

Of equal concern are  institutionalised lawyers like Robert Richter who referred to Pell’s crime as ‘no more than a plain vanilla sexual penetration case.’ Even though he swiftly ate his words and apologised, the damage to children and child abuse victims was done.

It has been widely reported that Richter’s comment to the judge was merely ‘criminal justice system speak.’

Sadly, Richter speaks for a decrepit, out of touch system. And every disturbed pedophile that lurks amongst the majority of decent professional men and women in society’s lofty echelons. Our children deserve way more respect and protection.

One can only hope that the Pope and his sanctimonious right-hand rulers will seek urgent counselling about the irreparable damage done to children by god’s ‘executive’ servants and have an honest look at what needs to change in their godfearing, rigid world of ‘clergyism.’  

Don’t Mention the Words Medium or Shaman



In closing, please don’t mention the word Medium or Shaman to Catholic religious leaders – and probably most Christian leaders.  Or the book about Mary Magdalene that was conveniently removed (and disposed of) from the original bible manuscript by the rulers of the day.

But that’s another story.

What the Hell Does Spiritual Mean Anymore?

To be honest, I have recently begun to question whether I am spiritual anymore. The media labels terrorist and cult leaders as ‘spiritual’ when they should be referred to as religious. There is nothing spiritual about killing people, abusing children, preying upon lost souls and brainwashing them, etc.

Mind you, there is nothing religious about such heinous crimes against humanity – but then,  religious history is full of bloody battles, cruelty, fear, control freaks, and out of touch hierarchical institutions driven by fear, misinformation and disturbed behaviours concerning our precious children.

The More I Learn About Religion, The Less I Want To Learn

A recent ABC-TV Q&A discussion about the conviction of George Pell and the deeply disillusioned Catholic community left me cold. The more I learn about religion, the less I want to know. 

I refer to disturbing stories like the Catholic parents who chose not to report the sexual abuse inflicted upon their young children by clergymen because they feared never seeing them again when they died.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Pope, his right-hand men have much to answer for.

With compliments, Linda Summer, Storyteller


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