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If you have a true story to share that may be of help others, I’d love to hear from you.
Truth Heals

What The Hell Does Spiritual Mean Anymore?

The more I learn about religion, the less I want to know.

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Are You Financially Blessed?

2019 kicked off with welcome headlines about a crackdown on the Australian finance industry. Well, not exactly a crackdown. Just the introduction of new education requirements and a revamped code of ethics. Damn it. This quote from 62-year-old financial adviser Alan Jarrot in a Sydney Morning Herald report sums it up perfectly: “Cowboys will find a way around the rules

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Australian Spirit Soars! Part 2

July 2018. The motley troop of Australian Spirit artists and veterans reconvened at the Gosford RSL to forge ahead with plans for the November 10 family fun day event. My, how Leasha Craig’s dream had grown. Loads of free entertainment, from jousting and snake wrangling to re-enactments and tank rides. Almost every Central Coast veteran and front line service organisation

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Australian Spirit Soars! Part 1

September 2017. I wandered into an ambitious dream-in-progress led by renowned Central Coast sculptor and Australian Spirit founder, Leasha Craig. Heading into the fourth and final year of her acclaimed Australian Spirit visual art and poetry project, Leasha lassoed an unlikely mix of local artists and top guns from a legion of veteran organisations to stage a colossal grand finale

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Operation Pay Gulf

Battle Stations Ladies – Code Pay! Almost a year to the day, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s annual review inspired me to blog about the never-changing Australian history of pay inequity. This year’s annual review is a carbon copy fizzer. How will anything every change if namby-pamby management of same old, same old issues never changes? In short, the pay

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Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Scam Scam?

Say No More What is it with scam-artists who foolishly choose to deny the truth instead of acknowledge the error of their ways? And are too arrogant to mend them. I decided to publicly share my experience with so-called finance and investment professionals (Wrong Road to Real Wealth Part 1 & 2) in the hope that it may help others

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Wrong Road To Real Wealth Pt. 2

Oh ATP and Audrn Group Where Art Thou? One of my favourite writing mentors is Robert McKee: “In a world of lies and liars, we don’t need writers adding to the slop. More than ever, the world needs to hear your truth, harvested from the midnight of your soul and poured onto the page, stage or screen. More than ever,

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Wrong Road To Real Wealth Pt. 1

How Not To Become An Investor In early 2014, the looming death of my long‐term relationship motivated me to tinker with designing a new life. I took extended leave from my  job to pursue healthier, happier ways to live and work and reconnect to my long neglected writing aspirations. The time was nigh to transform into a prosperous, self-sufficient, creatively-fulfilled

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