Linda Summer wrote her first words at the age of three thanks to her book-loving mother and has been playing with words ever since. By four, she made her television debut as a ‘Good Do Bee’ on Romper Room School, won her first book review prize at seven, scrap-booked her first published letter to the editor of The News at nine, penned prolific poetry, plays and short stories throughout her teens and became the first published poet in Adelaide University magazine On Dit.

The fledgling scribe eventually gained Diplomas in Journalism, Creative Writing, Book Editing and Publishing and blossomed into a television publicist and promotions producer with the Nine Network. After parting company with the idiot box, she dabbled in freelance writing, editing and filmmaking, winning first prize at the 15/15 Film Festival.

Thanks to a string of great gigs in the IT industry, Linda also gained invaluable project management and travel skills and eventually moved into the public sector where she managed significant business projects, honed high-level corporate writing skills and gathered outrageously funny script fodder.

By 2013, Linda answered a persistent call to return to her creative roots and began playing with words once again. She undertook screenwriting studies, completed a draft, feature-length screenplay, wrote, produced and directed a short film and self-published a children’s eBook. Currently in development is nature-based film and eBook series A Fairy’s Life, designed to inspire kids to disconnect from wi-fi and reconnect to the magic of nature.

Known in some circles as the Word Police and Master Blurbologist, Linda is a savvy seeker of truth and the unknown. She enjoys writing about spiritual themes and healing modalities ranging from conventional to complementary and sharing true stories designed to inspire and empower people to stand up and be counted.

Linda greatest passion is to inspire children and adults alike to co-create a happy, peaceful world by sharing stories with meaning.