Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Scam Scam?

Say No More

What is it with scam-artists who foolishly choose to deny the truth instead of acknowledge the error of their ways? And are too arrogant to mend them.

I decided to publicly share my experience with so-called finance and investment professionals (Wrong Road to Real Wealth Part 1 & 2) in the hope that it may help others avoid a similar fate. One of the key players is now crying foul and claiming that the majority of my comments are false.

Facts are facts. My account of the disappointing, eye-opening experience is based on fact – and hindsight. My primary grievance is not against the complainant. Or his now defunct company (Real Wealth). But rather his cohorts (The ATP and Audrn Group) who got away with fleecing many investors largely because the complacent and under-resourced Australian government agencies such as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), let them.

While mainstream media is unlikely (or unable) to report on how ASIC really operates because it would breach their Gag Policy, we are fortunate to have shackle-free, independent journalists such as Michael West in our midst (and friends like Kayla Sharpe* who emailed me the link to his website.)

Enjoy this enraging snippet from Michael West’s comprehensive Royal Commission report: ‘Hayne Says Banks Have Corporate Watchdog In The Bag

Enforceable Undertakings seem to be an ASIC  favourite,  no matter how big or small the company. How many convicted humans are sitting in prison cells for lesser crimes?

The looming threat of a nasty legal letter accusing me of defamation tempted me to retreat and either fictionalise my story or simply remove my writings from cyberspace for the simple sake of peace.

Various friends vehemently disagreed. They urged me to stay strong and true. A particularly mischievous friend asked if I had heard of a ‘letter of note’ concerning a complaint against Private Eye magazine by scam-artist James Arkell. I said no and Googled it. Turned out to be just the tonic!

The below ‘Arkell v. Pressdram’ (publisher of Private Eye) letters are taken from More Letters of Note.

I laughed out loud when I read that Arkell withdrew his complaint almost immediately after Private Eye published the exchange of letters, and the magazine has since responded to idle legal threats by referring the authors to the above reply.

Letters of Note also states that “there was no “case” legally, despite the name by which the dispute is now known.”

Worth bottling. And sharing far and wide.

‘Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more?’ Monty Python

Thank you to my friends, Private Eye and Letters of Note for helping me find the courage to stay strong and true to the truth.


Linda Summer

Scribe, Lost For Words

*Real name not used

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