Zazoo Zazoo!

Zazoo blurb: When Jaspa the galactic superstar celebrates her fifty millionth birthday, she cracks up laughing and accidentally falls out of the universe. So begins a whimsical adventure to help the heartbroken fallen star return to her starry galaxy.

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Linda believes fairies are wonderful role models for children. Her Estonian ancestry also harks back to ancient forest tribes who were known to communicate with nature spirits, so Linda’s love of fairies makes perfect sense. To her, anyway.

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Good Medicine

Good Medicine is a short film sparked in late 2014 by a random news report about unprecedented numbers of Australian men dying by suicide. This uncomfortable topic became the subject of a draft workshop script which intended to convey a message of hope, healing and responsibility.

Good Medicine was produced on a humble ‘gratitude budget’ with the assistance of a fabulous cast and crew. Filmed in the spectacular South Australian Fleurieu Peninsula vales region, the story follows a troubled man in search of solace as life collapses around him.

In March 2017, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council finally responded to a sea of voices chanting ‘national emergency’ with an announcement of a national suicide prevention plan.

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 Peruvian Odyssey

In 2013 Linda realised a long-held dream to journey to magical Machu Picchu. Her Peruvian odyssey encompassed a myriad of sacred sites, ancient shamanic ceremonies and enlightening cultural and spiritual insights.

She also spent several days exploring the diverse capital city of Lima, where a large percentage of the population live in shanty towns. The majority of dwellers fled from rural villages in the 1980’s to escape the reign of terror inflicted upon them by the ruthless Shining Path. Shanty communities may be poor in the material sense, but incredibly rich in spirit, gratitude and giving.

This short film is a tribute to the humanitarian Haku Tours team who offer visitors the opportunity to meet the locals experience a slice of their unique community life.

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