Linda Summer is a heart-based storyteller and editor who holds diplomas in Journalism,  Writing, Book Editing and Publishing.

Known in some circles as the Word Police and Master Blurbologist, Linda has developed a nifty niche for simplifying complex subjects by using bamboozle-free language.

  • Television taught her to write succinct media releases and how to promo  tell a compelling story in a thirty second promo script.
  • Radio taught her how to create vibrant ads with words and music.
  • Media Monitoring taught her how to precis live radio and television interviews (and type seriously fast).
  • Her seven-year stint with South Australia Police taught her the finer art of writing ‘corporate speak’ including ministerials, high level reports, department policies and procedures. She also unearthed an ability to transform technical gobbledygook language into step by step, easy to follow training documents. 
  • As a writer with the Australian Spirit project team in 2018, she brushed up on her corporate writing skills and also enjoyed experimenting with social media content creation.
Last But Not Least

Linda wrote her first words at the age of three thanks to her book-loving mother and has been playing with words ever since. She made her television debut on Romper Room School as a four-year-old ‘Good Do Bee,’ won her first book review prize at seven, scrap-booked her first published letter to the editor of ‘The News’ at nine, penned prolific poetry, plays and short stories throughout her teens and became the first published poet in Adelaide University magazine On Dit.